Church Announcer 

Mission Statement: Each Sunday inform worshipers of pertinent information and upcoming church events. 

Meeting Times: As needed 

Church Hostess 

Mission Statement: Each Sunday cordially and officially welcome everyone to worship service and inform them of our pastor and first lady. 

Meeting Times: As needed 

Chairperson: Charlene Harris  


Mission Statement: Assist the pastor by doing benevolence work, ensure the Communion table is prepared on Communion Sunday, help female baptism candidates prepare for baptism, counsel, mentor, and serve as role models to the young ladies. 

Meeting Times: As needed 

Chairperson: Barbara Sansbury 

Vice: Geneva Hill 


Mission Statement: Assist the pastor by doing benevolence work, to include visiting the sick and shut-in, serving Communion, providing relief to the poor, helping families in distress, and being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation; assist pastor with baptisms. 

Meeting Times: Sunday at 10:45am 

Chairperson: Walter R. Sansbury 

Vice:  Tony Brewington


Mission Statement: Aesthetically prepare the sanctuary and church grounds through floral arrangements. Setup up and take down seasonal decorative arrangements. 

Meeting Times: As needed 

Chairperson: Anne Ferguson 

Vice: Michele Brewington 

Food Service 

Mission Statement: Prepare meals and fellowship hall for various functions. Ensure the cleanliness of kitchen and proper storage of utensils and supplies.  

Meeting Times: As needed 

Chairperson: Eva Hill 

Vice: Charlotte McBryde 

Gospel Choir 

Mission Statement: To lift up the name of Jesus, inspire and encourage the congregation through song. 

Meeting Times: Tuesday night before the 2nd Sunday at 6pm 

Chairperson:  Walter R. Sansbury

Laymen’s League 

Mission Statement: Encourage men to support the church through active involvement in their local congregation. To provide assistance to church members and community at large and develop men to follow biblical teaching through their witness, service and study of God’s Word. 

Meeting Times: First Sunday after morning worship service 

Chairperson: Ira R. Chavis 

Vice: William R. Chavis 

Male Chorus 

Mission Statement: Share the Good News of Jesus Christ and encourage congregational worship through song. 

Meeting Times: Each Monday at 6pm 

Chairperson: Walter R. Sansbury 

Vice: Theodore McMillian

Missionary Department 

Mission Statement: To help those in need while fulfilling the Great Commission by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, and to educate, equip, and keep the importance of missions before the congregation. 

Meeting Times: Thursdays before the 3rd Sunday at 5:00pm

President: Rev. Dr. Katrina Gamble 

Vice: Michele Brewington 

New Members 

Mission Statement: Assist pastor by providing potential new members an overview of basic Christian doctrines, beliefs, ministries, and taking an active role in the life of the church. 

Meeting Times: As needed on Sundays at 9:45am 

Chairperson: Theodore McMillan 

Pastor's Aide

Mission Statement: Assist the pastor with personal responsibilities such as maintaining his robes and overseeing the needs of the pastor's family.

Meeting Times: As needed

Chairperson: Deaconess Barbara Sansbury

Vice: Carol McBryde

Sick and Benevolence 

Mission Statement: Ensure pastor and deacons are informed of any sick or shut-in members. Maintain contact with members through cards, phone calls, and visitations. 

Meeting Times: As needed 

Chairperson: Patricia Cooper 

Vice: Val Kemp 

Sunday School 

Mission Statement: Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all ages in a classroom environment. Strengthen the faith of believers and introduce the Good News of salvation to non-believers. 

Meeting Times: Sundays 9:45am ~ 10:45am 

Chairperson: Nathaniel Solomon 



Mission Statement: With proper stewardship, oversee the financial aspects of operating the church, making sure the church can meet its financial obligations, and ensure proper maintenance and church property are in proper order.  

Meeting Times: As needed 

Chairperson: William R. Chavis 

Vice: Willie McBryde


Mission Statement: Cheerfully greet and extend the love of Christ to all worshippers, guide them to their seats, strive to ensure the comfort of all attendees. 

Meeting Times: Second Sunday after worship service 

Chairperson: Tony Brewington 

Vice: Clarence Butler 


Mission Statement: Developing the youth to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ while working in close partnership with parents to ensure the spiritual growth of their children in an atmosphere conducive to learning. 

Meeting Times: Second Sunday after morning worship service 

Chairperson: Linda Williams 

Vice: Felicia Forté